Automotive Exterior

Nowadays, the technology involved in manufacturing the bodywork for vehicles is a lot more sophisticated than it might first appear. A closer inspection quickly reveals that innovative polyurethane systems are playing an increasingly important role in bodywork and under the hood. When it comes to comfort, safety and fuel economy, it's usually the details which make all the difference.

There are many parts that are easy to overlook, such as the polyurethane energy absorbers in the bumpers which enhance pedestrian and passenger safety in the event of accidents. Or the innovative integral skin foam systems for encapsulating windows, which hold car windows in place more firmly. Another detail that is not visible from the outside is the sophisticated method of foam filling cavities in structural parts. However, the advantage quickly becomes clear when the weight of the vehicle is taken into account Pioneering polyurethane applications in roof modules, spoilers and other horizontal bodywork parts make an equally important contribution to eco-friendly weight reduction

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