Comfort, safety and elegance in vehicle interiors

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Comfort in vehicle interiors
Polyurethanes for comfort in vehicle interiors

Nowadays, car drivers spend almost as much time in their cars as in their living rooms, a fact which increases the demand for maximum comfort in their vehicles. Polyurethane system solutions from Covestro play a critical role in achieving this - many of the applications focus on the "interior experience" and appeal to consumer's senses. These versatile and highly functional materials create stylish surroundings, enable customized design , and reduce the risk of injury in the event of accidents.

Polyurethane foams can be used to cushion or reinforce instrument panels, trim, seats and headliners so that they can absorb impact energy in the event of accidents. This increases protection for the driver and passengers. And while polyurethane systems increase driving pleasure trough soft-touch steering wheels, gearshift knobs and armrests, sound absorbing foam-filling and back-foaming systems for bulkheads and floors improve the interior acoustics. Special composites for trunk floors and parcel shelves offer excellent stiffness combined with light weight. Supreme elegance always comes as standard.

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