Molded flexible PUR-foam for car-seats

Automotive Molded Seat

Various demands are placed on modern car-seats! In addition to ergonomic seat design, good vibration damping and long-term durability, criteria such as seating and climatic comfort as well as driving safety are decisive. These demands are ideally met by seat and backrest cushions as well as headrests made with our products Hyperlite®, Desmophen® and Desmodur®.

Molded flexible PUR-foam is and probably will be the by far dominating material for car-seats. The Advantages of molded flexible PUR-foam are: 

  • highest shape variability
  • foaming with inserts possible
  • automated production process
  • dual and multiple hardness parts

Depending on :

  • OEM-specification
  • specific customer demands
  • conventional or „In-Situ“ production
  • Emission requests

Covestro offers the whole range of raw materials: Desmodur® (TDI, mod.TDI, MDI, TDI/MDI blends), Hyperlite®, Desmophen® (Polyols and Polymer polyols).

Automotive Seat: Design, Properties, Foam 

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