Safety with polyurethane

Head restraints for car seats

Flexible polyurethane foams have become firmly established in all walks of life with their almost unlimited range of applications. On example is the automotive industry, where height-adjustable head restraints meet the general safety requirements for car interiors. In addition to protecting the discs, ligaments and vertebra in the cervical spine from injury, these head restraints also satisfy current fire safety regulations.

There are two methods of producing head restraints. In the conventional method, the foam is first produced in a mold and then covered with fabric. In the “in-situ" method, the fabric is first placed in the mold, which is then back-filled with foam.

The advantages of using polyurethane in head restraints are:

  • High safety standards
  • Stability
  • Suitable for combining with other materials
  • Durability
  • Dimensional stability
  • Design freedom
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