Instrument Panel

Skin foams for the protection of passengers can not be thought away in the interior of cars nowadays. Rapid progress in the area of passive safety did not stop with instrument panels. Instrument panels made of the semi-rigid PUR skin foam Bayfill® convince through their excellent properties. The semi-rigid PUR filling skin foam, which combines the instrument panel with the decorative skin, is characterized by good flow-ability and short demoulding times. The process also allows economical production of complex contours. Beside improvements in comfort the impact energy will be absorbed in the case of a collision and consequently the risk for injuries of the inmates can be minimized concerning minor damages.

Systems with polymeric catalysis show subsequent properties:

  • low emissions in car interior
  • improved aging properties
  • higher productivity, demold time 90 s / low rework rate

Besides there are advanced systems for instrument panels with integrated airbag with high tensile strength.

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