Perfect insulation for sensitive products

Refrigerated container

Cold Chain
Containers insulated with polyurthane for a better cold chain

The transport of sensitive goods – whether foodstuffs or other temperature-critical products – over long distances makes the very highest demands on the properties of the containers. For safe transportation without damaging the goods, excellent insulating properties and hygiene are just as important as low weight, high loading capacity and easy unloading.

In international sea traffic, heat-sensitive goods are transported exclusively in refrigerated containers which, almost without exception, are insulated with rigid polyurethane foam. Such foam has outstanding properties for these applications. Baytherm®  combines high mechanical strength with high insulating capacity and economical production.

Refrigerated containers have the following advantages:

  • Optimum insulation without cold bridges
  • Side sections, roof and floor are made of prefabricated, flex-resistant sandwich elements
  • High stability combined with low weight

In the production of refrigerated containers, the manufacturing costs, service life, corrosion resistance, repair costs and maintenance costs also play an important role. Here, too, Covestro can comply with the customer's individual wishes, guaranteeing top material quality in accordance with the strict DIN EN ISO 9001 standard.

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