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Binders for engineered wood

OSB sheets polyurethane-bonded
OSB sheets polyurethane-bonded

High-performance binders based on polymeric MDI (PMDI) are the first choice for engineered wood. Top-quality polyurethane binders were developed in our company's laboratories in the early 1970s.

The experience gained over the past three decades is now reflected in today’s generation of Desmodur®, enabling high-productivity in the manufacture of modern engineered wood, such as OSB, MDF, Chipboards, molded Particle Boards and Wood Fiber Insulation Boards. The crosslinked polyureas formed during hot-pressing yield moisture-resistant sheets and moldings. Desmodur® is not soluble in water and requires no formaldehyde in its production. This greatly simplifies the manufacture of engineered wood and increases productivity. Excellent functional and further processing properties mean the products can be used both in outdoor construction and indoors as emission-free wall, ceiling and floor boards. They are also much sought-after in the furniture industry. Desmodur® is also increasingly used with plant-based raw materials that are difficult to bond, such as straw, bagasse and coconut fiber, and with industrial production scrap from rigid polyurethane foam.

The key advantages:

  • Excellent mechanical strength properties
  • Emission-free gluing
  • Outstanding long-term stability under permanent load
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