Floor Insulation

Floor Insulation
Floor Insulation

We're all familiar with the unpleasant sensation of bare feet on cold floors. This is caused by insufficient or inefficient heat insulation. Efficient heat insulation is crucially important for any homeowner today.

Apart from helping to save energy, optimum insulation contributes significantly to improving the comfort of your home. Rigid polyurethane foams made of Covestro raw materials have an extremely low thermal conductivity, which means the floor insulation is much less thick and complies with the requirements of fuel and power conservation regulations for a building's internal and external components. Besides the foams’ outstanding heat insulation properties, their excellent compressive strength and ability to withstand foot traffic are also vital.  


  • Resistant to compression and safe to walk on
  • Minimal thickness
  • Complete system solutions
  • No more cold feet

The foams also comply easily with all the fuel and power conservation regulations governing the reduction in heat transmission when used with underfloor heating. Thanks to continuous production processes, large panel formats can be produced at low cost.

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