Heat insulation plus stability

Metal-faced Sandwich Panels

Walls of large industrial and refrigerated buildings, cold stores, warehouses, exhibition and sports halls, schools and other large buildings are best constructed from components which provide thermal insulation while also meeting other technical requirements such as stability, inexpensive assembly, freedom from maintenance and easy disassembly and reconstruction.

Metal Panel Application
Metal panel application on a facade

Covestro has found the optimum solution for these applications with its polyurethane metal-faced sandwich panels. In prefabricated external wall and lightweight roof components, a rigid foam core joins the metal panels together in a shear-resistant manner, since rigid polyurethane foam bonds firmly to the facings during the foaming process.

Polyurethane is increasingly being used as the core material of load-bearing sandwich panels for refrigerated vehicles. The construction of the frame, floor and roof beams is particularly important in insulated containers and vehicles. In road transport, where jolting, impacts and vibrations lead to high strength requirements, the rigid polyurethane foam has to be extremely elastic to absorb these stresses in the long term. In addition to these mechanical requirements, rigid polyurethane foam must have high thermal insulation values and long-term stability with respect to thermal conductivity. The inward diffusion of water can be reliably prevented by using diffusion-resistant facings.

The metal facings consist of surface-treated aluminum or steel sheets or glass fiber-reinforced plastic laminates, and the polyurethane core is made of Baymer® and Desmodur® from Covestro. Depending on their application, their surface may be smooth, or slightly or highly profiled. They are provided with accurate tongue and groove joints so they can be assembled easily and fit together perfectly.

The advantages:

  • Optimum insulation without thermal bridges
  • Light weight
  • Diffusion-proof
  • Thin walls
  • Outstanding load-bearing capacity
  • Ease of assembly
  • Maintenance-free, hygienic, easy-to-clean surface
  • Large wall and roof panels
  • Quick and easy jointing regardless of the weather
  • Components can be disassembled and reused
  • Consistent quality through economical, industrial production
  • Creative and versatile
 Metal-faced sandwich panels

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