The ideal solution for protection against cold

Thermal insulation of external walls

Thermal insulation of external walls
Insulation of external walls with rigid polyurethane foam

Wherever the components of a building are in contact with the outside air, it is essential for an economical energy balance that the external walls are efficiently insulated. That is why it is necessary to insulate all surfaces on the outside of a building in order to ensure optimum thermal insulation and maximum savings in heating energy.

Rigid polyurethane foams from Covestro raw materials significantly improve thermal insulation. Energy losses compared to other insulating materials are reduced by 25 %, which means significant saving for the homeowner.

  • Core insulation with or without air layer
  • Slim wall construction
  • Moisture-resistant
  • Inner leaf is protected against thermal stress
  • Long-lasting protection against weathering
  • Inexpensive installation of large panels

We offer customers greater freedom of architectural design with slimline construction. Why not go for the optimum solution right away?

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