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Window frames come in for some harsh treatment, being constantly exposed to wind and weather. In most residential buildings windows are the components having the lowest thermal insulation. That is why polyurethane rigid foam is excellently suited as an insulating material for window frames. This is a low-maintenance material which is extremely resistant to weathering and can be manufactured in almost any shape.

Polyurethane window frames are a sound investment in long-lasting, high-quality and functional living quality. They have to withstand draughts, driving rain and a high level of mechanical stresses. In addition, they are expected to look attractive and appealing. More important still, they have to exhibit good thermal insulation properties. Aluminum window profiles filled with Baydur® 20 satisfy all these requirements. In addition to exceptional stability, they offer good thermal and sound insulation, and are easy to maintain and keep clean. Owing to the fact that internal and external colors can be combined, there is a large variety of individual design options.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Highly insulated core made of polyurethane rigid foam
  • High strength
  • Unsusceptible to environmental influences
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