Electrical Applications

Electrical Applications
Baygal, Baymidur: Casting resins for potting applications

Solid insulation is an integral part of electrical and electronic components. It protects live parts by acting as an electrical insulator and by dissipating heat. Polyurethanes have been used successfully in electrical engineering for over 35 years. Major fields of application now include the sheathing, fixing, embedding and encapsulation of electrical components with solid, bubble-free polyurethane systems.

Covestro polyurethanes have become indispensable in the electrical industry because of their outstanding thermal and electrical insulating properties. They are used to protect extremely sensitive components and offer high functional integration even with complex geometries.

As a leading global manufacturer of polyurethanes, Covestro satisfies the demands of the electrical engineering industry with its broad range of Baygal®/Baymidur® systems.

Characteristics of this class of polymer include:

  • minimal inherent heating during curing
  • cold workability down to 0 °C
  • quick curing using catalysts
  • curing with minimal stress and shrinkage
  • low pressure on encapsulated components due to shrinkage
  • good adhesion
  • good resistance to chemicals
  • high productivity
  • attractive cost/performance ratio

These advantages result in commercially attractive, technically superior solutions in the various sectors of electrical engineering. With their broad range of properties, polyurethane/casting resin formulations are firmly established in practical use.

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