Unlimited scope for electronic encapsulation

Electrical Encapsulation

The Baydur® E and Bayflex® E polyurethane systems developed for the mass production of electronic modules have the function of protecting the user and the components while also acting as housings.

Polyurethane-based casting resins have been successfully used on a daily basis for more than 35 years in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering. Major fields of application now include the sheathing, fixing, embedding and encapsulation of electrical components with solid, bubble-free polyurethane systems. In the manufacture of modern mass-produced articles, the use of traditional casting resins with their long processing times imposes limits on productivity. New manufacturing processes and appropriate new products had to be developed to meet these challenges. Our research led to the Baydur® E and Bayflex® E families, which have very short reaction times and allow the use of adapted RIM technology with the associated advantages.

Baydur® E und Bayflex® have opened up new sectors of industry to electrical encapsulation. In the past, thermoplastic polymers were required for applications such as charging plugs. With our fast polyurethane systems, both the housing and the protection can be produced in a single step – one plug from one cast!

Characteristics of Baydur® E and Bayflex® E include:

  • the mixture reacts quickly while releasing minimal heat with low shrinkage
  • soft to hard, flexible to rigid, foamed or solid
  • excellent flow characteristics; easy encapsulation of inaccessible regions and different wall thicknesses
  • resistance to most aggressive media
  • good to excellent electrical insulation
  • excellent adhesion to most materials
  • fillers increase thermal conductivity
  • article produced in a single step: secondary finishing avoided by incorporating inserts along with electronic components
  • coloring, laser marking and flame retardancy possible
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