Putting safety first in footwear

Safety Shoes

The Bayflex® systems designed for the "safety" market segment cover the entire range of specialist requirements in this sector. Antistatic properties, for example, can be adjusted as required.

Bayflex® Safety systems display a high level of oil and chemical resistance and can provide a tailor-made profile for any application. And you can rest assured that the lightweight sole achievable with Bayflex® Safety in no way detracts from the immense stability and durability of the products.

The latest developments such as Easy Release Technology with its economic and design-oriented benefits, are also available on this market.


  • Antistatic properties adjustable
  • High oil and chemical resistance
  • High durability combined with light weight
  • Easy Release Technology available
  • Bayflex® Safety exceeds demands of EN 344
  • Resistance to solvents and chemicals
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