HR Slabstock flexible foams

The ideal cushioning material for furniture and mattresses

CO2 mattress
A mattress made of flexible foam guarantees a recreative sleep.

Highly resilient polyurethanes slabstock flexible foams, made of Desmophen®, UltraCel®, Arcol® and Desmodur® synonyms of which are the terms HR foams or cold cure foams, have made headway for more than thirty years in the high end market for furniture and mattress upholstery.

Compared to conventional flexible foams, they offer improved comfort as well as a higher homogeneity of key physical properties across the foam cross-section.

For a cushioning material in mattresses, it is essential to possess optimum breathability. In the case of HR foams this is warranted by the straightforward process of crushing the foam. State of the art cutting equipment using CNC machines allows for maximum productivity and freedom of design.

Advantages of HR flexible foam :

  • maximum comfort
  • broad range of densities (23 - 90 kg/m³) und hardness (1,3 - 15 kPa)
  • reliably high breathability
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