Snow Scooter

Snow scooter made of Bayflex® 180

Snow Scooter

Supplier: Bombardier-Nordtrac OY
Industry: Leisure & Lifestyle
Application: Snow scooter hoods
Product: Bayflex® 180

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Bombardier-Nordtrac OY, of Rovaniemi, Finland, has equipped its new snow scooter with hoods made of the glass fiber-reinforced polyurethane Bayflex® 180. This material was chosen on account of its high impact strength at low temperatures and the short cycle times which allow particularly economical production of these comparatively large hoods.

Plastics used at low temperatures obviously have to have exceptional mechanical properties – some materials soon become brittle at sub-zero temperatures. When travelling off-road on snow scooters, slight impacts or minor collisions, for example with branches or twigs, often occur. These minor accidents can soon lead to expensive repairs if the materials used for the bodywork are not adapted to the low temperatures encountered.

However, Bombardier-Nordtrac' s snow scooter hood is built to withstand daily wear and tear in open country: the Bayflex® solid molding, which is about 1.10 meters long,1 meter wide and 0.4 meters high, has exceptional impact strength over a temperature range of -40 to +80°C and very good inherent rigidity owing to its glass fiber content of 20 %.

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