Bayfit® soft foams for gaskets and sealing

Gaskets and Sealing

Foam-in-place technology, where the seal is applied to the workpiece during the foaming process, has grown significantly in importance over the last few years, increasingly replacing the use of prefabricated gaskets made from such materials as PVC and rubber. The automotive industry and its suppliers, as well as the electrical and electronics sectors, have been the main beneficiaries of the advantages brought by Bayfit®.

The main advantage over installing pre-molded gaskets lies in the major potential for processing rationalization. Thanks to the foaming process, material consumption is lower than with solid alternative materials. Additionally, production can take place on automated processing lines, ensuring a high level of productivity and fitting accuracy.

The electrical and electronics industry appreciates the sound-absorbing properties of Bayfit® foams. Noise-reducing grades with flame-retardant properties are used in electrical appliances and may find more applications beyond.

The advantages of Bayfit® for the technical sector:

Production of low-weight sealings and gaskets

Sound absorption in electrical appliances through flame-retardant grades

  • Good chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance and low compression set
  • Good adhesion to all conventional substrates such as plastics, metals, stainless steel and surface coatings
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