Insulation that fits like a glove

Pipe Insulation

Rigid polyurethane foams are used, among other things, for the industrial production of pipes. Polyurethane-insulated pipes are installed wherever hot or cold media have to be conveyed from A to B.

The diameter of such pipes can range from a tiny 5 mm to a giant 2,000 mm with insulation thicknesses of up to 250 mm for long-distance heating pipes in the low temperature range. There is, in fact, no better insulating material than Covestro's Baytherm® for pipes used in long-distance heating systems. Its most important function here is to keep the heat exchange with the environment to a minimum. The Baytherm® core, which lies between the inner steel pipe carrying the medium and a concentrically arranged protective tube or jacket, offers maximum heat insulation from a minimum wall thickness. Covestro offers system solutions for both rigid and flexible pipes.

Its key advantages are:

  • Broad range of application
  • Outstanding insulating capacity
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • High heat stability when subjected to extremely high temperatures
  • Low water absorption
  • Energy saving in the transport of hot and cold media

Both continuous and discontinuous processing technologies are available for pipe insulation. The pre-insulated pipes are easy to transport, store and install. Covestro is currently one of the world's leading polyurethane raw material manufacturers for the pipe industry.

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