Bayfit® is the name for polyurethane systems that lead to soft and comfortable foam moldings. Foams based on Bayfit® span a wide range of densities – from 30 to 200 kg/m³ – and a wide range of mechanical and acoustical properties – from super soft to extra hard and from highly elastic to visco-elastic behaviour. Bayfit® processing allows a wide variety of functional integration– such as inner springs, supports, joints, fastenings or entire steel structures – to be insert molded. Bayfit® makes it easy to incorporate inserts or to back-fill fabrics with foam.

In this way, Bayfit® can be used to combine spectacular shapes with a high degree of functionality, and maximum comfort with top quality. This makes Bayfit® based molded foam the ideal complement to polyurethane slabstock foam, which is not suitable for many designs due to additional cutting and bonding work and high scrap rates.

The Bayfit® range also includes a diverse mix of specialty systems for such areas as the production of orthopaedic mattresses and aircraft seats. The customized solutions in flexible polyurethane molded foam available from
Covestro worldwide also include the products and expertise needed to produce flame-retardant foam and the systems used to produce high-quality technical filters and gaskets.


  • Cost-effective production of complex contoured moldings
  • Customized highly elastic to viscoelastic grades in a range of different densities and hardnesses
  • Global standards based on local raw materials and local service
  • Excellent adhesion to surfaces of other polyurethanes, metals and other technical plastics to for sandwich composites
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