Direct Skinning

Direct skinning
Direct Skinning

The direct skinning process is a combination of polyurethane processing and injection molding. It brings injection molding and reaction molding together in one unit to give the surface of the component a more opulent appearance.

The conventionally produced thermoplastic substrate (i.e. Bayblend® or Makroblend®) is not demolded after injection molding but remains on the mold core after the mold is opened. With the aid of a sliding table, rotary table or swivel platen molding machine, it is then transferred to a second cavity on which a polyurethane mixing head is mounted. After the mold is closed again, the Bayflex® LS coating material is injected in the same way as with cast skin production. The clever thing about this process is that the coating now completely covers the substrate, which means that no additional transport or cleaning, and no additional mold is needed. After a short curing phase, the finished component can be removed.

Core competencies

  • High UV resistance (aliphatic RIM skin)
  • Pleasant tactile properties, optimum scratch resistance
  • Good processability, short cycle time
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